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Hello There!

I'm Lilly! I'm a per diem nurse making the most of the land she lives on. You always see pages and people with homesteads that have everything perfectly primped and masterfully maintained, but rarely see the inexperienced fumble through the process of becoming masters. So, here I am; let's begin the journey together! Enjoy recipes, DIYs, gardening, animal care, and behind the scenes of my cottage food business.

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My Story

I got my love of baking and crafting from my grandma, Nonny. Ever since I was little, we bonded in the kitchen and craft space together. Nonny lived with my mom and myself for most of my childhood, so my grandma was considered my second mom. Even though she no longer remembers me because of her dementia, she inspires me daily to create with love. I even got my love of animals from her; she had rescued cats, squirrels, raccoons, birds... you name it - she rescued and nurtured it. Because of my upbringing, it's no surprise that I am a person that loves to create and nurture lol.

I am an ICU float nurse, which means the float pool at my hospital staffed our COVID-19 units during the height of the pandemic in our area. I was given the opportunity to be charge nurse of both acute care and intensive care for our COVID-19 populations. After working 48+ hours per week in the high stress and devastating environment for over a year, you can imagine the intensity of the burnout. My mental and physical exhaustion had manifested physically which forced me to drop to per diem at work; now I can pick up days I feel well enough to.

Just because I physically feel well enough to work doesn't mean I emotionally feel well enough to work. Bedside nursing is a demanding profession that can strip you body, mind, and soul if you let it - and I let it over the last year. I decided to go back to my passion for creating and nurturing to start the process of healing myself. What a perfect time to start the dream of my cottage food business and create my newly bought 4.3 acres to my homestead fantasy!

So strap in and enjoy the oncoming adventure of DIY projects, animal care, recipes, and rant filled blog posts. Let's turn a house into a homestead!


I'm always open to questions and comments/concerns! Please feel free to DM me on any social media or contact through email.

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